TCEF: ACE Learning School


Taiwan Culture & Education Foundation

ACE Learning School is an organization subordinating to Taiwan Culture and Education Foundation. The aim of the School is to promote the education quality of the American born Taiwanese descendants. It promotes the courses like English, Mathematics, and SAT for entrance to universities and colleges. ACE Learning School also employs postgraduate students of masters and doctoral programs to teach the students of the School, enabling the students to achieve expected goals in their schoolwork. The teaching plans are based on the standards of various school districts in order to improve student grades and enhance their educational experiences at school.

At the current stage we have reached and exceeded the expected effects and standards. Therefore, the SAT results of the students at ACE meet the requirements of several school districts and universities and even exceed them. In order to help new immigrants and the aged overcome their language barriers, the School also holds ESL courses for them. There are also Chinese Painting and other cultural classes for the aged to take.

Due to the fruitful results of ACE, all the surpluses are transferred to Taiwan Culture and Education Foundation for holding charitable activities. Every summer the School carries out overseas study tours. We believe that the English-studying tour in the United States will become a popular trend this summer. More information about these summer programs can be found here.


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