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Taiwan Culture & Education Foundation

Taiwan Culture and Education Foundation is a non-profit-making organization co-founded by the American scholars, lawyers, doctors, and accountants of Taiwanese descent, and also the American philanthropists. All the directors are the experts of the Culture and Education fields. They spare no pain for the Culture exchange between Taiwan and the United States.

The Foundation aims at promoting the local cultures between Taiwan and the United States, and takes the promotion of the education standard of the American-born Taiwanese descendants as the main goal. All the funds of the Foundation are donated by the Taiwanese and American enterprises. The Foundation also established a Teaching Center to balance the expenses. Currently the teaching qualities are generally praised by the overseas Taiwanese.

In future apart from strengthening the promotion and introduction of the culture, traditional folk customs, festivals and celebrations, tourist and high-tech resources of Taiwan, the Foundation will push Taiwan toward internationalization, and make the reputation of "precious island" realized.

We sincerely hope that the people of various fields living in Taiwan and the United States are glad to render assistance to Taiwan Culture & Education Foundation, which can thus make more contributions for the promotion of culture and education.

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