TCEF: Message from the Chairman


Taiwan Culture & Education Foundation

Taiwan is a sub-tropical island located at the western coast of the Pacific Ocean. It has its distinctive local conditions and customs. Geographically, the landscape has long and unbroken mountain ranges rising and falling, borad and magnificent coastal scenes, and very rich animal and plant resources. Taiwan is such a beautiful island!

Ever since the regime was for the first time peacefully transferred in 2000, Taiwan was metamorphosed to be an example of a democratic nation in the world. With the rearrangement of the economy and the structural changes of industries all over the world, Taiwan has turned to be a typical exemplified country of high-tech industries, which has consequently made up "a miracle of Taiwan's economy."

Under the unique human and historical background, various ethnic groups, such as the Fukienese and Hakkas, people of other Chinese provinces and aborigines, are distributed in this piece of land. Their traditional customs are simple and kind. Taiwan leaves a friendly impression on the world. The Taiwanese are a tribe of people who are hardworking, assiduous, mild, warm, and full of human interests.

Taiwan Culture and Education Foundation publishes magazines to introduce to our international friends the local customs, the traditional folk customs and cultures, and the educational backgrounds of different places in Taiwan. It is hoped that the overseas Chinese and enterprises of various industries can generously give us assistance, enabling Taiwan to have broader room for development in the world.


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