TCEF: 12th Anniversary Booklet


Taiwan Culture & Education Foundation

Historical Review
John Tsai, Chairman of Taiwan Culture & Education Foundation

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Twelve years ago, a few individuals who believed in an aesthetic vision of promoting Taiwanese culture came together and founded the Taiwan Culture & Education Foundation after thorough discussion. To offset expenses, the Foundation established a learning center to aid in the education of the next generation. Initial enrollment in the learning center was relatively weak, but with my management background, I was able to help the Foundation overcome hardships and become stable.

We are very grateful to the investments made by Ms. Xiuzhuang Yang and Ms. Qiuyue Yang to help initiate the Foundation. Although they left due to personal reasons, the Foundation is undoubtedly and continuously grateful for the generosity and support of both Ms. Yang and Ms. Yang. In 2004, the Foundation launched the Washington Senior University, which set a good basis for senior education in the community. We brought these seniors with an average age of 72 years old across the Pacific to participate in a global chorus competition in Taiwan. The chorus gained international appreciation at the competition, participated in the inaugural dinner, sang many famous Taiwanese songs, and made glorious history.

In order for Taiwan to survive, Taiwan must focus on economic policy and the tourism industry. Over the years, the Foundation brought together many scholars and experts who worked together to propose different solutions for Taiwan. These scholars and experts conveyed these solutions to the Taiwanese government as policy guidelines, which were ultimately executed by the government to achieve its goals. The Foundation also conducted research jointly with a Management Institute in Switzerland and presented a poster of the findings to members of Congress in America to help the members understand the current status of the Taiwanese economy to permit Congress to aid Taiwan in improving its economy.

In the future, we will work with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to provide educational and cultural resources to disadvantaged groups to further improve the quality of education in other countries. The Foundation also hopes that corporate organizations in the private sector and philanthropists will provide donations to the disadvantaged groups to decrease poverty and improve the global community.


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